Considerations For Buying A Rural Home For The First Time

4 November 2022
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Living in a rural area is very different than living in a city. Not only are there fewer people, more open space, and lots of fresh air, but other differences as well.

For example, here are some things to think about when considering a move to a rural area for the first time:

You Can't Be as Picky About Rural Homes

You can count on fewer rural homes being sold on the market at any given time, and you will need to make concessions and perhaps some future repairs to find the perfect home for your family.

Farmers and others living in rural areas often hold on to their properties for many generations. For this reason, there's usually less inventory, and those on the market are frequently older multi-generational homes needing repairs.

It is more expensive and challenging to hire contractors and tradespeople when a home is located a long way from town. This makes finding a home that has been recently updated a challenge. And, if you choose a property that needs a lot of work, you should ensure the work can be hired out for an affordable price.

Living in a Rural Area Can Mean a Lot of Driving

One aspect of rural living many people don't consider is how much you will need to drive. Since grocery stores, doctors' offices, and other services are found in cities or larger towns, you will have to drive to get there. 

If you work from home and only run errands once a week, the distance to town probably isn't an issue for you. However, if you have children who will be going to school many miles from home and are active in after-school activities or sports, this can add up to many miles over a school year.

Buyers Have the Upper Hand on Rural Homes for Sale

On a positive note, it is essential to mention that buyers have the upper hand when purchasing a home located in a rural area. As you can imagine, fewer people shop for rural homes than homes in more populated areas. For this reason, any home you look at will not have as many potential buyers, and you can use this fact to your advantage to get a good deal. If the seller wants to sell their rural home, they will consider any offer they receive and try to work with you to close it.

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