Beyond The Land: Amenities To Prioritize When Buying Acreage Property

11 July 2023
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Acreage properties offer a sense of tranquility and freedom that is hard to match in urban areas. However, buying an acreage property isn't just as simple as buying a home in the city, especially when deciding what amenities you need.

While some amenities might seem like luxuries, there are a few that you can't skimp on. This article highlights a few essential amenities that should be a priority when buying acreage property.

Water Supply

Water is a critical resource for any homeowner, but it becomes even more important for those living on acreage properties. After all, you'll need a reliable source of water to not only drink but also for activities such as farming and gardening.

An acreage property with access to a municipal water supply is ideal. However, if you're buying a property that relies on well water, you need to ensure that the well is in good working condition and can provide enough water for your needs.

If the property relies on a natural water source, you need to factor in an adequate filtration and storage system. These systems can be expensive, so you should factor the costs into your overall budget before you buy the property.

Good Water Drainage

Good water drainage is as essential as a good water supply. During heavy rainfall, stagnant water can damage your property, become a breeding ground for pests, and cause soil erosion. This is why you need to ensure that your acreage property has an excellent drainage system.

Usually, this involves a series of ditches or pipes around the property to channel water away from the house and onto other parts of the land. If there are any existing drainage ditches in the area, make sure to inspect them thoroughly to ensure they can actually channel the water away.

It would also help if the property is on high ground and not prone to flooding. If not, you can use that as a negotiation point to get a better deal on the price.

Good Access Roads

Access roads are often taken for granted, but they are an essential amenity for any acreage property. Good access roads ensure you can get in and out of your property easily, even during inclement weather.

The road should be sturdy, wide, and well-maintained. You want to be sure that any vehicles, including large trucks and tractors, can access the property without any issues. It would also help if the road is well-lit to ensure you can get in and out of the property at night safely.

Buying acreage property is an exciting venture, but you need to make sure that you're getting your money's worth. It's essential to factor in the amenities you need and prioritize them accordingly. With these amenities in place, you can enjoy the tranquility of your acreage property without worrying about all the challenges that come with it.

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