3 Tips For Finding An Ideal Apartment As A Musician

2 August 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you play music as a hobby or professionally, finding the ideal living space can be challenging. If you intend to rent an apartment, there's a bit more work required to ensure that the apartment will suit you.

Instead of moving into an apartment and hoping for the best, you'll need to check what to look for first to avoid too much noise.

Avoid Sharing the Walls

Sharing walls with other residents can come with issues in several ways. Not only will it affect how much your music disturbs other residents, but it can also lead to problems where you can hear others too.

While it's inevitable for the apartment to share some walls compared to a single-family home that's more of a standalone, you can still limit the walls shared. Visiting an apartment in person or requesting information about the specific unit you're interested in can give you information about shared walls.

Having as much private space as possible will prevent disappointment from the apartment being too close to neighbors.

Ask About Soundproofing

As you get information about prospective apartments, you need to ensure that the soundproofing won't disappoint you. Getting information about how new the windows are and how thick the walls are can give you a good idea of how much sound will travel through the apartment.

The extra soundproofing will ensure that you won't run into an issue where playing music will bother your neighbors. You may even want to find apartments with carpeting since they can reduce how much sound travels to the other units.

Consider the Right Location

If you play music with others, being in a convenient location is vital so that you're not traveling too far with your instrument. This is especially important when you play the drums or another large instrument, such as a cello, due to the challenge of moving it. Finding a convenient location and avoiding apartments that require you to take several flights of stairs can ensure that bringing your instruments is a lot easier.

Finding an apartment for rent can come with some extra steps when playing music and want the instruments not to be an issue for you. Instead of choosing just any apartment, you'll likely have a much better experience with finding an apartment with the above tips.

Discussing your plans as a musician and comparing apartments based on this information can quickly eliminate some options and lead you to a unit that will be the very best fit.