Why Should You Pay Attention to Residential Real Estate Sales?

31 March 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you think of real estate, you often think of how many homes are on the market and what areas there are homes for sale in. After all, as a home buyer, you care most about finding a home, not what residential real estate sales are with other sellers.

You should be paying attention to residential real estate sales because they can help you determine when the best time to buy a house is and other benefits that you might not have otherwise. Here are reasons why you should pay attention to residential real estate sales in your area.

You Need to Know How Quickly Homes Are Leaving the Market

How fast a home goes from listed to pending to sold says a lot about how well the market is doing in the buyer's favor. The longer a house sits listed, the more you may be able to negotiate a selling price, but if you notice that residential real estate sales are moving at a record pace, then you're in for a competitive market in the seller's favor. Watch the sales in residential real estate so you know when to jump in and how fast you have to respond to newly-listed homes.

You Need to Know What You're Looking at Price-Wise

If you're buying a home, it's wise to know what the residential real estate sales are in your area because the most recent sales are going to be indicative of how much future homes are going to cost. If you want to know what you can expect your new home expenses to be, then look at what's moving on the market right now; pay the closest attention to residential real estate sales with homes that have the same square footage, lot size, and bedrooms or other features you want in a home.

You Need to Know You're Jumping Into the Right Market

If you have a smaller budget but you want a home, you might want to look at recent residential real estate sales versus home appraisals to ensure you're not potentially entering a seller's market and paying too much for your home. When you buy a home, you want to buy at a competitively low price unless you really want a certain property, and looking at residential real estate sales will help you stay on top of these real estate trends easily.

Your real estate agent will help you make the most of your real estate adventure and will get you on the right track. When you follow residential real estate sales, you can be even more informed about the market.