Prepare To List Your Ranch With A Real Estate Agent

12 October 2020
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If your ranch has provided you with the opportunity to raise livestock for the last decade but you are in need of more space so that you can expand your efforts, consult with a real estate agent who handles ranch land sales and prepare your homestead and developed and undeveloped property that surrounds it.

An Estimate And Some Sales Examples

Placing your property on the market without having time to make repairs or clean up the premises can result in not receiving sales bids that meet the base rate that you have in mind. Consult with a real estate agent who has experience with both ends of a ranch sale, including the listing and sale of a property and aiding someone in finding a ranch that is suitable for their needs.

Your property size, the number of buildings, and the condition of your home will aid in acquiring a valuation of your assets. An agent can provide you with sales examples, which includes how much a current ranch is being listed for or how much a similar one sold for in the past. 

Some Upgrades

Each prospective buyer will have a vision, which likely includes farming, raising animals, or enjoying the scenic beauty that your land promotes. If your land has the most beautiful appearance in the spring or the summer, plan on listing it during that time. For the time being, work on making repairs, cleaning up your property, and organizing your possessions.

Try to think of your land and home in the manner that a prospective buyer would. If there are paths surrounding your land that lead to areas where you hunt, maybe they are overgrown and you are accustomed to climbing around branches and other obstacles that tend to get in your way, but this type of inconvenience could alter an individual's perspective and result in them declining to purchase your ranch.

Trim overgrown trees and shrubs, paint fencing that surrounds the corral where your animals spend time, reshingle your home and barn, add gravel or pavement to unfinished surfaces that are designated for driving, and dispose of junk piles, lawn debris, or any equipment that you are no longer in need of.

When you are ready to list your property, a realtor will take some photographs of your home, the barn, and the area where your animals graze. If farmland is being included with the listing, use a tractor and a shredder to prep the land so that it looks well-maintained in your real estate listing.