4 Features You Need To Look For In A Horse Ranch

2 September 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you love horses and you want to have more room to ride your horses and take care of horses, you may want to look into purchasing a horse ranch. When purchasing a horse ranch, there are specific features you need to look for.

Feature #1: Pasture

One of the most important elements when purchasing a horse farm or horse ranch is the pasture. You want to have enough room for your horses to be outside. You need to have enough pasture space that you can rotate your horses to different areas, always allowing the grass to grow. Having enough pastureland can help reduce the amount of hay that you need to purchase for your horses. Having lots of pasture will also give you lots of room to ride and play with your horse.

Make sure that the pastureland is good-quality land that can support the growth of grass and that your horses will enjoy. When looking at the pastures, also look for pastures that have run-in sheds so that your horse can choose to get out of the elements if they wish.

Feature #2: Barn

Next, you need a barn for your horses when it is yucky outside and for storing hay and feed. When looking at the barn on the property, you need to see if it has a loft for storing hay. If it does have a loft, is it large enough? How many stalls are in the barn? Is that enough for the number of horses that you want to have? Is there extra room for your equipment?

Don't just accept any barn; examine the barn and make sure that it will meet your basic needs for your horse ranch.

Feature #2: A Tack Room

You need somewhere to store all your horses' equipment, from their blankets to their brushes to their saddles. You want to have a climate-controlled room, or a tack room, for your horses. On a ranch, the tack room may be part of the barn, or it may be a standalone structure.

Feature #4: House

Finally, if you are planning on living on the same property, you need to carefully consider the house. Make sure the house is well taken care of and meets your basic needs. You may need to compromise on the house in order to get the land that you want for your horses. You may need to do some remodeling on the house. However, the house should still meet some of your expectations.

When purchasing a horse ranch, you want one that has a nice barn, tack room, and pastures for your horses. Ideally, you'll be able to find a ranch that has a nice home for you to live in as well. It may take a while to find a horse ranch for you, but it is worth the effort. Reach out to a real estate agent to learn more about horse properties for sale.