4 Ways That An HOA Manager Can Help

26 October 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Owning a community of houses is a big investment that must be taken good care of. If there is a homeowners association (HOA) that the residents of your community must participate in, proper management of it is important. Sometimes the best way to manage an HOA is by hiring a third-party to handle the important tasks. An HOA management company can assign a professional to your community that will be helpful in a variety of ways. Browse the list below for insight on what an HOA manager can do to help keep your community in order.

1. Make Sure HOA Fees Are Paid by Residents

Keeping the community in order has a lot to do with the HOA fees that are paid by residents. If residents are not warned when they pay the HOA fees late, it can lead to numerous delinquent payments. The HOA can then fall behind on taking care of problems in the community due to being low on funds. An HOA manager will ensure that the fees are paid in a timely manner, or will take prompt legal actions to resolve the situation.

2. Monitor Maintenance of the Community

The purpose of an HOA is to prevent the community from falling into bad shape, as well as keeping an eye on criminal activity. When it comes to maintenance, a manager will perform occasional inspections to determine where work is needed, such as the community swimming pool. He or she will also keep track of maintenance requests from residents to ensure that they are taken care on time. The manager will ensure that the residents are receiving the fullest extent of HOA services that they pay for.

3. Schedule HOA Board Meetings

HOA organizations should always keep the residents satisfied, which is why meetings are important. A manager will make sure meetings are scheduled on a regular basis that residents can attend to give their opinions and discuss problems that they want to be resolved. He or she will also be present at the meetings to obtain knowledge and come up with plans to address the residents needs.

4. Ensure that Rules Are Enforced in the Community

There are rules that residents must follow in an HOA community. If the rules are broken, a manager will take the necessary steps to turn things around. For example, if a resident paints his or her house a color that isn't allowed by the HOA, the manager will issue a warning for changes to be made. By enforcing the rules, it prevents the community from developing an unappealing look.