When Is A House Just Too Small?

6 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


If you have fallen in love with a house that has quite a bit less square footage than what you originally set out looking for, you want to be realistic and decide whether or not the house can work out for your family, despite its smaller size. You should start by asking yourself, and others in your household, the following questions about your next property for sale:

Is there a secondary storage area that can be helpful?

Since the house is smaller than you had been planning on, you will want to make sure everyone will have someplace to store some of their items, besides stacking them up in the corners of their bedrooms. If the house has a garage, make sure the garage will be big enough for all the purposes you intend to use it for, as well as the storing of everything you would all like to put in it. Keep in mind, you can have a storage shed put up to help with some storage needs as well.

Is everyone going to be okay with the bedroom situation?

Included in that smaller square footage may be fewer bedrooms than you had hoped for. The only way this is really going to work out for your family is if everyone is going to be fine with the way the bedroom situation will end up working out. It may include some of your children sharing bedrooms. Sometimes this can work out great, but other times it can be an absolute disaster. The genders and ages of your kids will have a lot to do with this, as well as how well they tend to get along. If you try to force something that you know really isn't going to work out well, then you should probably pass on that house or you may find yourself dealing with drama and fights every single day.

Can you really make due with the number of bathrooms?

A smaller house can come with fewer bathrooms than you may like. However, this can work depending on the number of people you have in your bathroom or the schedules everyone keeps. However, if you are going to end up with a line of frantic people each morning who are all afraid of running late, then this can cause havoc in your household on a daily basis. It may seem almost hard to believe that something as simple as one bathroom can make or break your house shopping experience, but it really can.