4 Reasons To Go Through With Your Plans To Purchase A House After Finding Out You're Pregnant

2 September 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Pregnancy is such a major part of life that it's often a couple's plan to cancel other important decisions to focus on the matter at hand. Yet continuing to shop for a new single family home can be a good idea despite the need to split your attention. Consider timing your move to a new home to wrap up before you give birth to take advantage of these four benefits.

Getting a Better Environment

Are you already planning a move because your current home or rental situation involves health hazards like mold, water leaks, or asbestos? Even drafts and insufficient insulation are good reasons to complete a move before a baby arrives. If your current living environment isn't safe for a newborn, you don't want to struggle with other temporary moves in the middle of pregnancy and recovery. Find a new permanent home in time for setting up a safe and clean nursery.

Shopping for the Right Space

Buying all the feeding equipment, bedding, clothing, and other supplies a child will need for the first few months of life can quickly overwhelm the storage capabilities of a small home or apartment. Before you buy a deluxe crib that arrives fully assembled or a stroller that requires garage space, find a house where it can all fit in perfectly. Shopping once you know your pregnant ensures you pick a place with enough bedrooms and child-friendly features, not to mention your new focus on the school districts around each option.

Investing in Useful Upgrades

Many homes are designed without children in mind, so moving into a home with lower toilets, bathtub and shower combinations, single-floor layouts, and even safety features can give you a lot of peace of mind. You'll definitely want a laundry room with full hookups, and don't forget about extra spaces like playrooms, dens, and offices for adults who need some privacy. Fencing is another good feature to look for in a child-friendly home, especially if there are hazards like dogs living nearby or a pool in the backyard.

Resting Through Recovery

Finally, don't overestimate your ability to move shortly after giving birth instead. It's not uncommon for women to need up to a year before they can handle the extra work of packing boxes and organizing the movers while there's a newborn by their side. Taking care of the planning and picking a new single family home before you give birth at least allows you to create a comfortable place to recover that meets your needs.