4 Reasons To Buy A Townhome

30 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Many people wonder if buying a townhome is right for them. Townhomes are a great idea for many people, and because they are so popular you can get a wide of variety of people, in all phases of life living in townhomes. Here are some of the benefits to living in a townhome.

1. No Maintenance On Yard

One of the biggest reasons that people want to live in a townhome is that you are part of an HOA that takes care of all of the landscaping. When you own a single family home you are in charge of all of the upkeep. You have to purchase yard equipment so that you can mow, weed, plant flowers and so much more. This can be a huge cost, not to mention take a great deal of time. When you buy a townhome you don't have to worry about the landscaping. Instead, the HOA will hire a crew that will come in and do it all. This saves you time and money in the long run.

2. You Have More Amenities

In many townhomes you have amenities that are available to you that aren't available to others. For example, you will probably have a swimming pool that only the residents can use. You will have come grounds, like parks and common areas that are for you only, as well as tennis courts, club houses and so forth. Each townhome development will be slightly different in what they offer, but as a general rule, there are at least a couple amenities that are offered to you that aren't offered to others.

3. You Have Insurance On The Townhomes

Another thing that many HOA of townhomes will do is insure the townhomes. This means that if there is a lawsuit or a problem with the houses, the HOA will file the lawsuit and you will just be a part of the suit. You get more protection and insurance on the property when you have a good HOA.

4. Better Prices

Lastly, a townhome is less expensive than other single-family homes. Since a townhome shares walls with another house, you can get the square footage of a house, without the cost of a single-family home. For someone on a strict budget it is ideal. You can get the space that you need for a better price per square food.

All of these reasons, and many more are why people buy townhomes