Before Selling, Add A Deck To Your House For These Reasons

17 August 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


While relatively minor tasks such as cleaning and decluttering can be valuable in advance of putting your house on the market, you shouldn't shy away from thinking about bigger renovations. One such project to consider is a deck off the rear of your house. You'll need to make a significant financial investment in this project, but you'll ideally get some or all of that investment back when the house sells — and the addition of the deck may also help you to sell the house faster. Whether you go with a simple deck suitable for a small family or an elaborate structure with multiple levels and built-in seating, here are some reasons that building a new deck can be a good idea before you list your house.

It's Ideal For Those Who Wish To Entertain

You need to think about what people are looking for in a home, and many people are looking for a dwelling in which they can entertain guests. Family get-togethers and nights with friends are a big deal for many people, and the presence of a deck will make many potential buyers feel as though your house is better for entertaining. This can especially be the case i the residence is on the smaller side and large gatherings might not work inside.

It Can Set Your House Apart

If your house is located in a subdivision in which many of the houses are similar, you may want to find a way to make your residence more appealing. This is especially the case if multiple houses in the area are for sale at the same time. By having a new deck built, you'll instantly make your listing more enticing to people — and you shouldn't have trouble asking for a little more, given the added value that the deck has generated.

It Makes The Backyard More Livable

Without a deck or a patio, the new homeowners may not spend much time outside in their backyard. This can be discouraging, giving that they're paying for the space but aren't using it. The presence of a deck, even if it's modest, instantly makes the backyard more livable. Even if the new homeowners have no aspirations to host gatherings in their residence, they'll appreciate the deck for barbecuing, relaxing, and other similar activities. Talk to your real estate agent for advice about choosing the right size and style of deck to suit your house.

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