6 Ways To Check For Termites In Your New Home

25 July 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Whether you are shopping for a new home or are planning to sell yours, you should know that termites are a major concern. Termites eat holes in the wood, destroy drywall, and create other problems with the structure of a home. They can be entirely destructive creatures, and eliminating their threat right away is essential. These tips will show you what to look for when you are house shopping or what to do to make your house more appealing to buyers aware of the termite threat.

1 - Regular Inspections Are Important

A licensed pest management company will look over your house to ensure that it stays free of termites. The inspector will also check your home for humidity levels, ensuring that everything is ventilated well enough to let moisture out of the home.

2 - Pay Attention to Wooden Attractions Outside

The items you keep near your house can attract termites. Common attractions include wood debris, sawdust, firewood, and mulch. It is also a good idea to trim bushes and other greenery. If you see trees and stumps that appear infected, ensure that they are taken care of quickly. Lift wood off the ground with concrete.

3 - Pay Attention to Water Attractions Near the Home

Water is another attraction for termites. Don't let leaves accumulate and prevent water from making its way through the rain gutter, for example. Create a grade along the house to ensure that water can only run away from the house, not toward it.

4 - Repair Broken Roof Tiles Immediately

Roof tiles that are broken invite termites to make nests inside of them. This is especially the case if you have humidity and extensive moisture in your roof. The attic is also an easy target that you should check for exposed beams regularly.

5 - Check the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units create moisture that attracts termites to your home. This means that they might make the unit home. Ensure that when the AC unit releases moisture, it will be only away from the house and not toward it.

6 - Use Treated Lumber Outside

If you use lumber on a project outside the home, use treated lumber only if the pieces will be touching the ground. Whenever possible, ensure that wood is not touching the ground, especially soil. This would create an easy target.

Taking a few steps could be the key to helping you prevent and eliminate termites from your home, and looking for these things can help you ensure that you don't accidentally buy real estate with a termite infestation.