Off-Campus Housing Option For College Students

28 June 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


College is an exciting part of a young adult's life, and it can become even more exciting after the student finishes up the first year in a dorm and is now able to move to an off-campus house. If your adult child is looking for a place to live for the school year, there are typically a lot of different options when it comes to off-campus student housing. If you are worried about cost, here are two options that can help keep the costs of this down.

Split up a House

One option which works great for some college students is splitting a house. There are homes for rent near college campuses that have multiple bedrooms, and these homes are ideal for multiple tenants. With this option, your adult child could locate a house and talk to friends and they could all go in on this together.

One key benefit of this is that it would offer a way to split the expenses by however many roommates there are. If, for example, your child finds three roommates, they could divide all the expenses up and each pay only one-fourth of the expenses of the house.

This is a great option if you can find reliable roommates to live with. If there is one that doesn't pay his or her part, this option can be problematic.

Rent a Room

The other great option you can often find near colleges is room rental. With room rental, you will be renting just one room. This room might be in an apartment complex or a house, but it would be a lot more affordable, simply because it will be only one room.

In some cases, there are homes that offer room rental, and the tenants in the homes share common areas. For example, the home may offer a living room and kitchen, and all tenants share these, but it may then have four or five single rooms available for rent. If you rent one of the rooms, you would have complete privacy with the room, but you would have to share the other areas of the house.

There are other types of room rentals available too, and you can compare the options by size, privacy, location, and price.

If your adult child is looking for off-campus housing to live in for the next year, there are options. You can learn more by contacting a property management firm such as RK Rentals that offers off campus housing.