3 Reasons To Hire A Property Management Company That Offers Around The Clock Services

19 May 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As the owner of several rental properties, it is simply logical to hire a property management company to handle all of the mundane tasks that come along with the rental business, such as collecting rent, advertising vacant properties, and tending to repairs. While most property management companies offer similar types of service, there are some that offer extensive services that can prove to be quite valuable to you as a landlord. This is especially true when it comes to around the clock answering services for tenants. Take a quick look at three reasons around the clock answering services offered by a property management company can be a major advantage. 

Tenants with unusual work schedules can still communicate with the property management company. 

In a tenant-landlord relationship, communication is incredibly important. Tenants may need to call and let the property management company know when to expect their rent payment, ask questions, or report problems. In today's society, however, not every individual works the typical daytime shift and may have to call after office hours to talk to someone. If the property management company you hire has someone available around the clock, you will not be missing these important calls from tenants who may not be able to talk during normal business hours. 

Tenants can report problems at any time and avoid unnecessary damages to the property. 

If an emergency situation comes up in the middle of the night with one of your properties, such as a busted water line, gas leak, or other issue, it is highly important that these matters get tended to right away to prevent damaging the property. When you have a property management service available 24 hours a day for your tenants to contact, they can quickly get someone over to tend to matters like this so your property is not further damaged by waiting until the next morning. 

Tenants will be attracted to the idea that a property management service is always available. 

When you assign the care of your properties to a property management company that is available around the clock, this can actually be used as a marketing ploy when you are renting vacant properties. Tenants like the idea of knowing they can reach out to someone for assistance at any time and always get someone to answer the phone. Therefore, you can include mention of this benefit in property listings and use the service to your advantage to keep units filled.

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