3 Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home To Sell It Fast

25 April 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


Selling a home in any area can be a challenge. You have competition from other homeowners trying to get their homes sold as quickly as possible and the first impression your home makes can make or break a sale. Here are 3 upgrades you can do to your home to make it sell-worthy more quickly.


A landscape with new trees is appealing to potential new homeowners. When they see a maintained and established landscape, what they envision is a home that they won't have to do a lot of yard upgrades in themselves. Adding a few decorative trees, such as Japanese maple or witch's broom, adds charm to your landscape and gives your home the edge it needs.

A few other landscape upgrades you can complete quickly are front porch planters, adding decorative grass along your driveway, or even putting small brick pavers around existing garden areas. This pulls the yard together and gives it an inviting appeal.


The first thing home buyers are going to see when they approach your home for sale is its exterior so you really want to make it stand out. Consider repainting your home a neutral, pleasing hue including:

  • navy
  • eggshell white
  • sea green
  • mint
  • hunter green

If your home has siding, you will want to replace any cracked, worn, or stained pieces. A home with brand-new siding can be a benefit that home buyers will appreciate so if you have the means to do so within your budget, full siding upgrading is a wonderful idea. Vinyl siding can cost as low as $1 per square foot if you do the work yourself.


If you can only afford one upgrade in your home, carpeting is a great one to pick. Carpeting can be installed in just a few days and gives your home a fresh, welcoming appeal that won't be missed by buyers. If you cannot afford to update all the carpeting in your home, choose to redo areas of the home that get the most traffic such as the living room, family area or dining room. Choose colors that are trendy yet neutral in tone, such as charcoal, light gray, brown, or mixed hues in white, cream, light pink, or even coral.

With the right finishing touches your home can become a quick seller. Evaluate your budget and see what upgrades you can afford to do on your home and talk to your real estate agent about pricing your house accordingly once changes have been made. Contact a business, such as Real Living Craig Realty, for more information.