6 Tips For Baby Boomers Buying Townhomes

4 April 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


As many baby boomers begin to age, they consider downsizing from larger homes to smaller condos and townhouses. Townhomes can be an excellent option because they offer enough space for two to three people, or sometimes even more. Townhouses are also great for those who want to live a more simple, minimalistic advice. If you are thinking about purchasing a townhome, these tips will help you downsize with care.

1. Noise can be more intense with hardwood floors.

If you are purchasing a townhome with several stories, be aware that noise can be much more intense than in a single-family home. This is especially the case if the homes have hardwood floors. If you are sensitive to noises from above or from those who may be living immediately next to you, it is important to take note of this. A higher-story home may be your best choice.

2. Age-restricted options may be available.

Some townhouses are built in areas that are intended for individuals within a specific age range. If you are passionate about living near other baby boomers or seniors, you may benefit from living in an age-restricted community. These are often intended for people ages 55 and up.

3. Consider taxes you will pay.

Taxes are a key feature of owning any type of property. It is important that you understand how much you will be expected to pay in taxes, especially if you are not currently paying rent. an increase in taxes could have an impact on your lifestyle.

4. Access to public transportation may become more important.

As you age, may begin to rely less on driving around town. Public transportation may come in handy for this reason. Make sure that you are near subway and bus routes, or make sure that you have Uber on hand.

5. Consider access to healthcare.

Healthcare access is also increasingly important as you grow older. Ensure that your townhome is near enough to local hospitals or medical centers that you feel safe.

6. Consider availability of storage space.

Some townhouses do not come with garage or storage closets, so it is important that you understand how much space you have for boxes and other items. Some townhouses may not allow you to store items in the garage.

If you plan to downsize, buying a townhome is a great choice. There are many reasons to consider downsizing to a lovely, smaller home.