Aspects Of Your Home That Can Make It Popular Or Unpopular

28 March 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog


When you prepare to rent your home, you may feel a twinge of sadness about having to leave some of your favorite parts of the house. You may adore a three-car garage you built yourself or love putting your all into having a picture-perfect backyard. However, not all potential renters will prize the same parts of the house that you do. 

The truth is more complicated. Some things that increase the value of your home overall can decrease its appeal in the eyes of people seeking houses for rent. These aspects of your home may make it popular among some renters while repelling others.

Swimming Pool

Many families only dream of having a swimming pool of their very own, and the fact that it has a swimming pool may entice people to come look at your home who wouldn't otherwise have considered it. However, on the other hand, it can cause some home seekers to scratch your home off their list of houses to see because of the swimming pool.

Ultimately, a swimming pool can be a great way to get exercise, entertain friends, and have joyful moments with your family. However, some home renters will be concerned about the safety of very young children who tend to wander in the yard, and others will fret about upkeep. Your best bet is to find out whether the person is looking for a swimming pool to determine how to speak about this feature of the home.

Oversized Garage

Whether you chose to have a large garage to accommodate extra stuff you didn't want to put in storage or you needed that much space for multiple drivers in the family, you may prize that oversized garage. Some potential home renters will, too, but others may see it as a waste of space. They may prefer a home that uses all its rooms for living space since they want to park outside anyway.

An oversized garage is an architectural feature that can go either way. If you sense that the potential home renters you're talking to don't like the garage, you may choose to suggest that it can be converted to a game room or other room for extra family living space.

Finally, keep in mind that having wonderful selling points of your home is a good thing. You should accentuate the things you love about the home, and talk up the points about the house that make it special and unique. However, be sensitive to the fact that not every home renter wants the same thing, and you may want to ask questions to determine the home renters' desires before playing up some parts of your house.