Enjoy a Warm Winter Trip

13 March 2017
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If you are looking for a great place for you to go on vacation with your family this winter, then you should consider paying a visit to a southwestern desert location. The desert will offer you a drier and warmer place to spend your time, and this will offer you many opportunities to enjoy outdoors activities without worrying about driving in the snow or needing to bundle up in an excess of clothing in order to stay warm. You can learn about some of the activities you can enjoy when you visit many of the tourist towns in this part of the country by reading this article.

Enjoy a scenic helicopter ride

Most tourist towns in this part of the country will offer you helicopter rides so you can take in all the beauty that the area has to offer. The Grand Canyon is a great example of one place in this part of the region where you can enjoy a fantastic helicopter ride that offers you the chance to see an amazing sight from a bird's-eye view. Las Vegas is another example of a great sight to see from above. You can take a ride at night and enjoy all the bright lights the Vegas Strip offers. Lake Havasu is another place well worth seeing from the sky. The vast lake surrounded by gorgeous desert hills and valleys makes for great memories.

Go on a guided tour

Many of the tourist towns in the deserts of the southwest will also have companies that offer you the chance to enjoy guided tours. There is a tour guide who will take you and your family around to all the must-see spots and they will tell you all about them. This is a great way to have fun on your trip while making it an educational experience for everyone. Visit the old gold mines near Lake Havasu, AZ, enjoy walking through an old ghost town in Calico, CA or pay a visit to Area 51 in Roswell, NM.

Walk the downtown areas

Each desert town will have its own unique look and feel to it. You can have a great time walking through the downtown areas and getting to know the locals. You may also find many opportunities for unique shopping experiences and you can take in the local flavor at the restaurants and cafes these towns offer. Las Vegas offers you just about everything when it comes to eating and shopping. The small town of Lake Havasu will offer you the chance to enjoy a bite to eat while you look at the blue water.