Tiny Houses And Valet Self Storage: A Pairing Made In Heaven

14 January 2015
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Are you joining the tiny house movement? A lot of other people are, too. If you've seen any of the many reality TV shows involving people who move into tiny houses, you know it is a growing trend among those who want more simplicity in their lives and to reduce their impact on the environment. It's a good way to live if you know you can be happy in a house that averages between 100 and 600 square feet in space. Of course, building porches, decks, and carports onto your tiny house will increase your available space and allow you to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors, too.

One of the biggest concerns many people have when joining the tiny house movement is storage. While most tiny houses are built cleverly, with hidden storage areas tucked into as many places as possible, there may not be room for everything you want to keep. That's where valet self-storage comes in. Here are three ways valet self storage can make your tiny house experience a fantastic one.

1. You Will Always Be Able to Keep Track of Your Belongings Without Visiting the Storage Facility

Valet self storage is a relatively new concept, but it's an interesting one. People who are living in tiny houses will likely especially appreciate the fact that virtual viewing and inventory control of their belongings is always available.

When  you use a valet self storage facility, all of your items will be numbered and fitted with RFID chips. There will be a web camera in your storage unit. You can get on your computer at any time and look at your inventory list on your storage facility account page.

If you want to look at something, to make sure it's still there or just to see it, simply call up its inventory number, and the camera will be attracted to the signal the RFID chip will emit. With valet self storage, you will always know your belongings are secure and where they belong.

2. You Can Have Your Belongings Delivered to Your Door

With valet self storage, you never actually have to set foot at the storage facility. According to InsideSelfStorage.com, you can have your belongings brought to you any time you want to see or use them. This is a wonderful option for storing seasonal items.

Whenever the season comes to use them, you can get them back easily, without having to dig around in your storage unit to find them and haul them back to your tiny house. If you want something from your storage unit, just call or email the facility and ask for it. The company will bring it to you at no charge, as your monthly storage fee covers the charge for delivery.

3. You Can Have Things Picked Up and Put Into Storage For You

Your valet storage company will also pick up anything you want to put into storage. Again, this is good for seasonal items. Just swap the items you no longer need for a season for the ones you do need. For example, have your summer clothes picked up and sent to storage when the weather turns cold. At the same time, have your Christmas tree removed from storage and brought to you.

You can trade items in and out of storage like this all year long. You can also use this feature to put things in storage you don't think you will be using for a while, or are tired of storing in your tiny house.


Valet self storage is a wonderful service for people who live in tiny houses. While these companies don't exist everywhere in the nation yet, they are becoming more popular and more cities are seeing them come to town. If you are moving into a tiny house, make looking for a nearby valet self storage facility part of your pre-move planning. Click here and start looking for one today.